Mold! Stretch! Flow!
The play possibilities are endless!

It’s like magic! ORB Flowtonia™ flows from solid to fluid in seconds; it’s mesmerizing! Scented; sparkly, silky smooth ORB Flowtonia™ can not only take it; it ‘rolls with the flow’ transforming into beautiful, unique shapes and characters! The ultimate in mess free fun- once done playing you can put it back into its container. Comes in four vibrant colors. ORB Flowtonia™ takes the tactile play to a whole new level; it’s truly satisfying!

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Sculpt & Create

Possibilities are endless!

ORB Flowtonia™ holds its shape! Try molds to make incredibly detailed sculptures- layer Flowtonia™ in the molds from the inside, out. Once done creating, stretch it out and let it flow slowly. 

Stretch & Flow

Play again and again!

Flowtonia™ is so flowtastic; once you start playing you can’t put it down!!! The more you play with your Flowtonia™ the better it flows! For best results always play with your Flowtonia™ with clean, dry hands.

Store & Go

Flowtonia™ is easy to clean up because it sticks to itself!

Remember to put your Flowtonia™ back in its resealable package, or another sealable bag or container to maintain its freshness!

Reactivation of Flowtonia™ is easy!

You will need:

  • Small glass of water
  • Rectangular sheet of paper towel
  • Resealable bag, such as zip-lock


  1. Fold one rectangular sheet of paper towel into small square and dip into a glass of water.
  2. Squeeze out as much excess water as possible.
  3. Place paper towel into a resealable plastic bag.
  4. Add Flowtonia™ to plastic bag and ensure that Flowtonia™ and paper towel are beside each other but not touching.
  5. Seal plastic bag and leave to rehydrate for 1-2 hours.
  6. Remove Flowtonia™ from the bag making sure Flowtonia™ does not come in contact with the paper towel.
  7. Squeeze and stretch for five minutes to incorporate moisture throughout.
  8. Repeat as necessary until Flowtonia™ returns to a flowtastic state!