Slow rising toys create fast rising success

September, 2017

International toy company, ORB™, has become a powerhouse of play this year. They are entering fourth quarter with new brands, an updated corporate look, and a year over year growth rate of over 200%.

There are two driving factors that have contributed heavily to ORB™’s success this year: a strong leadership and innovation team that was able to react extremely quickly to new trends, and a world class sourcing and logistics department that worked tirelessly to ensure ORB™ was first to market.

Squishies are the hottest new trend to hit shelves, and Soft’n Slo Squishies™ is the frontrunner in this new category!

ORB™ identified an opportunity in the market after its design team saw the dramatic increase in squishies placement in Japan, and on YouTube and Instagram. Within weeks, ORB™ was sketching, sculpting, and shipping their very first shipment.

Soft’n Slo Squishies™ had a soft launch in July with full rollout in August. Being first to market has contributed to making ORB™ the fastest growing activity company in the industry, with almost universal placement. ORB™’s sales team has secured placement in 100% of mass market stores and over 80% of key mid-tier, department, and specialty locations.

ORB™ has by far the widest range of collectable designs on the market, with over 100 Soft’n Slo Squishies™ designs already shipping, and hundreds more in development.

ORB™ has become a leader in competitive compounds.

Morph™, released last February, is currently the #1 best selling compound in North America. This light, fluffy formula has been featured on The Today Show, has over 1.5M views on its YouTube page, and is a favorite among key online influencers.

Elasti Plasti™, the latest compound from ORB™, is a super soft plastic that goes way beyond slime. This product expandifies 100x, lets you blow giant bubbles, and stretches further than any other product.

Braini Putti™ is the ‘super bounci, super melti putti’ that kids can’t wait to collect. ORB™ has modernized this classic toy with vibrant colors and futuristic features.

OrbSlimy™ has been a huge launch for ORB™, with almost 50 unique items featuring the best quality slime on the market.

ORB™’s newest brands include; Soft’n Slo Squishies™, Morph™, Braini Putti™, Elasti Plasti™, and OrbSlimy™.