ORB™'s Latest Viral Toy

September, 2023

The latest ORB™ product is a heavy-hitter. Literally! The new line called “ORB Funkee Beastz” includes a Monkee, Bulldog, and Bigfoot with the largest version weighing a whopping 4.5lbs!

People are already going BANANAS for the “Funkee Monkee”! They’re obsessed with trying to come up with ways to drop, stretch and destroy them. There are even whole channels on TikTok dedicated to this viral trend. These stretchy, tactile characters are super fun to pose and smush into different expressions and forms.


While some less colourful versions are already available in stores – these bright and funky characters will be available in the Fall of 2023. Mark your calendars! These hit toys are going to be selling fast!