What is ORB Slimi Café™ ?

February, 2019

As ORB™ prepares for Toy Fair New York 2019, ORB Slimi Café™ is finally ready to meet the world.

What is ORB Slimi Café™?

ORB Slimi Café™ pairs two top toy trends—slimi and squishys—to create a revolutionary new play concept!

Combine your cute, specially formulated ORB Soft’n Slo Squishies™ with ORB Slimi Café™ Toppings: Jameez, Fluffiwhipz, Swirleez and Drizzlerz.

Choose your squishys from a list of cute treats including a banana split and a donut stack. Each specially formulated ORB Soft’n Slo Squishies™ comes in multiple layers; mix and match to create an ultra unique creation.

Layer Jameez, shape Fluffiwhipz, twist Swirleez and stretch Drizzlerz to make a slimi, squishy masterpiece. Each kind of ORB Slimi Café™ Toppings comes in three eye-catching colors, adding up to 12 toppings in total.

ORB Slimi Café™ creations are so satisfying to squeeze! When you’re done playing, separate the ORB Slimi Café™ Toppings and start your next creation!

What makes slimi and squishy so popular?

Slimi and squishys have been the top toy trends since 2016. While slimi and squishys each have their niche markets, they are both part of the larger tactile toy trend.

Tactile toys are a welcome distraction for kids who are over-stimulated by their tablets and phones. Thousands of online videos—with thousands of enthusiastic comments—document how much kids like to squeeze and play with sensory toys.


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As the number of online slimi and squishy videos explode, retailers can’t meet the demand for these collectible, tactile toys.

How is ORB Slimi Café™ unique?

Unlike other slime on the market, ORB Slimi Café™ Toppings magically separate; allowing kids endless hours of playtime. Their innovative new formulas are non-sticky and non-reactive. Keep toppings of the same kind separate, or mix together to create new colors. ORB™ founder Steve Kay explains:

“Children have been wanting to combine squishys and slimi, for some time now, but no one has been able to do so successfully without the end result being a one-time use and ultimately ending up in the garbage. We are excited to say that we have figured it out and can’t wait to see where this product line takes us.”

Attending Toy Fair New York? Visit us at booths 2279 and 2429.

When will ORB Slimi Café™ be available?

We’re thrilled that ORB Slimi Café™ is now rolling out across North America and will be available in over 40 countries internationally.

Learn when ORB Slimi Café™ will be in stores near you.