New From ORB™!

October, 2019

ORB™ Launches its newest innovative product line

ORB™ a leading global children’s toy and activity company, releases ORB Flowtonia™ a uniquely flowing, scented, stretchy, sparkling, moldable compound that takes tactile play to a whole new level. ORB Flowtonia™, the latest in magical, mess-free fun that ‘Flows From Solid To Fluid In Seconds’, launches in four vibrant colors this October in the United States and Canada with a global release planned for shortly thereafter.

“ORB Flowtonia™ is truly addictive”, says Steve Kay, ORB™ CEO. “Its magical flow is truly mesmerizing. Since its unveiling only a month ago, ORB Flowtonia™ has captured the attention of everyone that sees and plays with it. Resonating so well with our buyers and retail landscape we are ramping up production to meet the anticipated demands of the upcoming Holiday Season. We’ve got a home run here with kids and adults alike and as per what ORB™ is known for, ORB Flowtonia™ will be hitting shelves in record speed.”

More details regarding product expansion and 4th quarter retail partners to be announced soon.

About ORB:
ORB™, a successor to The Orb Factory, was founded by Steve Kay and Michael Bianco and has rapidly grown to one of the leading global toy company’s known for its breadth of collectible, tactile, imaginative, and innovative toys. With over 25 brands sold in more than 60 countries worldwide, some of ORB™’s best known brands include the award-winning Soft’n Slo Squishies™, ORB Slimy™, ORB Odditeez™ , and MORPHIMALS™. For more information follow @orbtoys on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.