ORB's New Funkee Monkee and Friends

December, 2023

You’ll go BANANAS for the ORIGINAL JUMBO FUNKEE MONKEE from ORB™ Toys! This extreme Jumbo Monkee weighs in at a over 4.5 pounds, and features a tie-dye skin that makes every Monkee unique. Twist, shape, squeeze, and pose your monkey to match your mood!

These super stretchy, super popular Monkees are the hottest craze on TikTok and Instagram, now pushing 6 Billion views, so create your own Funkee Monkee pose and share!


Jumbo Funkee Monkee’s skin is composed of a custom blended, extra-strength thermoplastic rubber, and is filled with a specially formulated silica designed to hold a pose. This makes this monkey super durable and washable for extra long-lasting fun!


Now introducing Funkee Animalz!

The Funkee family is growing with our brand new Funkee Cat and Funkee Pig!

These two Funkee Animalz have all the great features of our Funkee Monkee but with their own unique attitudes!  Choose your favorite or collect them all!



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