Product safety

Dear Valued Customer, ORB™ takes safety seriously. Our products are tested by independent testing labs to meet EN71, ASTM, and, as of February 10 2009, CPSIA standards for child safety. These standards are generally considered the most rigorous in the world and are recognized by toy industries and government agencies globally. ORB™ considers it mandatory to guarantee the safety of the children that use our products every day. To learn more about CPSIA regulations, or to obtain pertinent COC’s or General Certification of Conformity (GCC) for specific products, please email [email protected] While we do everything possible to test our products and ensure they are safe, it is also important to follow the age ratings on our packaging. As an example, a product marked 6+ should not be given to a 3 year old. Please take care to monitor younger children who are around older children playing with our products. ORB™ has been enlivening the minds of children for 15 years. When your child plays with our products, you can be assured that they have been tested and considered safe according to the strictest international guidelines. If you have any further concerns or questions, please contact me at [email protected], or by calling 902-477-9570. Thanks for your support and attention to this important issue. Sincerely, Steven Kay President