Roll Up Pencil Case

Roll Up Pencil Case

You will need: Craft Foam, Ribbon, Scissors, Pencil.
Optional: Stickers for decorating!

1. Take a sheet of craft foam, ours was 8”x12” but you can use any size you like. Fold it in half lengthwise and make a small mark with a pencil every 1/2”, along the fold.

2. Keep the sheet folded and cut in about 1/2“ at each pencil mark. The open back up the sheet of craft foam.

3. Take a piece of ribbon (48” long) and thread one end through the cut closest to the end.

4. Hold both ends of the ribbon together. Begin weaving these through each cut, down one cut and up the next.

5. Slide you pencils under each area of ribbon.

6. Roll up and decorate!! We used some extra jewels from our Sticky Mosaics kits - but feel free to use stickers, glitter, or anything else you have around the house!

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