D.I.Y. Bee Box

D.I.Y. Bee Box

Bee Boxes provide cover and places to raise young for bees, specifically Mason Bees.

Make a Bee Box for your garden and it will become a bee’s permanent home for nine months or more of its short life as it develops from an egg through a larval stage, into adulthood. It’s important not to touch or disturb your Bee Box once completed until bee activity ceases, about mid-October.

It might take a while for a bee to move into your Bee Box, since they like to check it out for a while to make sure it is safe and secure.

1. Cut all your bamboo pieces to they are the same length as your aluminum can. This is a good part for an adult to prep, especially because it’s sometimes easier to use a handsaw for this step. We found our bamboo at our local dollar store!

Be sure to cut the pieces to you leave the node on the end of the bamboo, since we’ll be gluing that end. The first picture below shows the node. The second two show you what the opening will look like.

2. This step is optional, but if you want to paint and decorate your Bee Box, you should sand it first! This will make decorating much easier.

3. Next, use your awl and hammer to create tiny holes in the back. This will act as a vent so it doesn’t get moldy inside.

4. Apply hot glue to the Node end of the bamboo stem and place it to the back of the can.

5. Repeat until you’ve filled the can.

6. Now it’s time to mount your Bee Box. We used a piece of scrap wood and drilled a hold on top and on bottom and ran sturdy string to fasten securely onto the fence.

7. Decorate your Bee Box – we used leftover jewels from a Sticky Mosaics kit! Avoid dark colors when decorating, as bee’s might see that as a threat. We used fishing wire to tie the Bee Box to a screw that we placed in the wood.

8. Fill in any gaps between the bamboo with some natural materials found in your garden. We used lots of dried leaves and sticks.

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