ORBMolecules™ is the hot new toy hitting shelves just in time for the holidays

November, 2017

HALIFAX, N.S.  – ORB™, international children’s toy company launches its most innovative compound to date; ORBMolecules™, the world’s first—and only—Creation Compound. ORBMolecules™ is the STEAM inspired compound that consists of thousands of spheres held together by a futuristic binder that adheres to itself and nothing else.

Squeeze, construct, and decorate, one atom at a time! Each kit includes thousands of pieces that bond together and hold their shape until you decide to deconstruct and start all over. Build amazing creations, one atom at a time using three different sized ORBMolecules™. ORBMolecules™ makes a satisfying crunching sound when squeezed into forms, creating a unique sensory experience.

A STEAM-Inspired Experience

Everything starts with a single molecule. This is the theory behind this ground-breaking compound. ORBMolecules™ encourages children to break the bonds of science, mixing ORBMolecules™ to build imaginative hybrid creations. Combining science and creativity, this tactile toy acts as a true sensory experience while immersing children in the world of invention.

The advanced binding technology allows children to construct amazing 3D creations that hold their shape indefinitely while never drying out. This means that children can display their creations for as long as they want, take them apart, and build something completely new. This binding agent is developed to adhere only to itself, meaning the molecular spheres do not leave any sticky residue on hands or play surface.

Hot for the Holidays

ORBMolecules™ had its official launch the first week of November at Play Fair in New York City. With over 30,000 families in attendance, ORBMolecules™ quickly became one of the hottest products at the show and was added to many holiday wish lists.

ORBMolecules™ is manufactured in the United States and is set to be the hot new product of 2018. It is currently available at Michael’s stores nationwide and has already been named one of their Top 25 Creative Gifts for the holidays.

About ORB™

ORB™ has been creating moments of awe and wonder for youth around the world for over 26 years. They have seen incredible success this year entering the compound market with brands like Morph™, Elasti Plasti™, and Braini Putti™. They are now the world’s largest producer of squishies thanks to their brand Soft’n Slo Squishies™.