Bleach Spray Shirt

Bleach Spray Shirt

1. Gather your supplies! You'll need: Freezer paper, bleach, a t-shirt, scissors, spray bottle, marker, towel, and an iron.

2. Draw image on freezer paper

3. Cut image out of freezer paper

4. Line up image on T-Shirt

5. Use an iron to bond freezer paper to T-Shirt to create a good seal ( this will ensure you get crisp line.

6. Using a spray bottle, lightly spray the image, blotting away any extra bleach so it doesn't absorb into the cotton. Don't forget to lay a towel under the shirt so it doesn't spray through to the back!

7. The bleach should start to turn the area of the shirt white right away!

8. Peel off freezer paper. Tada!!

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